About Gerald gakwandi

Living and working in downtown Toronto, I'm a Marketing manager by day and dream chaser by night who has a passion for creativity and all things fashion.

So how did Frontman Style start?
On January 3rd 2014, Frontman Style started as a creative outlet on Instagram. A place where I shared tips and facts on men's fashion from photos I found around the web.

Shortly after, I started creating my own content with my talented photographer friend Rob who got to witness all the awkwardness of early photoshoots.  

Slowly but surely, that Instagram account turned into a blog. 

What are you like in real-life?
I like to laugh. 

You must not be busy. How do you find the time?
I'm lucky enough to have friends and family and a wife who've all been generous with their time, talents, and ideas.

I'm a big believer that if there's something you really want to pursue, just start somewhere. From there it's just one foot in front of the other. 

What's your vision?
My main goal is to build a community and work with people who are interested in men's fashion and inspiring others.

Also, they have to be willing to have a lot of fun. 

How can I connect with you?
You can email me by clicking here!