Take it to the streets

Forget everything about a fashion show runway. The cameras flashing. The people nodding in approval. The new runway is the street you live on. The walk to work. The distance between your place and your favourite coffee shop. The crowd is made up of the other people on the streets, and the cameras are the glances you get from people walking by. 

There's a young guy who would walk past me on my way to work in the summer, and he was dressed to the 10, walking as if he was on a runway. He knows something. He's the Yoda of streetstyle. If I ever see him again, i'll grab a photo and post it here. Until then, below are the 3 things i've learned from him.

The 'streets' are the new runway now. Here's what you'll need to kill it.

1. Who's the man? YOU'RE the man
Confidence. It all starts in your head. If you start to believe in yourself. I mean, really believe in yourself and all the amazing qualities you bring to this world, then you'll naturally exude real confidence. There's no reason to think less of yourself. Show the world what you're workin' with, because as the brilliant Dr. Seuss says, "...there's no one alive who is you'er than you."

2. Add a big dash of attitude
If there's one quality that leaves a disgusting taste in people's mouths, it's arrogance. So where's that line between having swag with some attitude, but not coming off as a Donald Trump? It's thinking you're not better or more valuable than anyone else. 

Nothing is "cooler" than seeing a well dressed man/woman bending down to put some change in a homeless person's cup then walking off as if they just won the award for sexiest person alive.

Think about it. 

3. Dress like you're going to meet your nemesis
There's always that one person who can get right under your skin. That one guy or girl that you would reverse over if you "accidentally" hit them with your car. That person who always gets the last word in with a smirk. You know who i'm talking about. Maybe that's why James Bond is always in a suit. Let's be real, who'd choose that outfit when you know you're going to be dodging bullets? Then again, maybe that's exactly what i'd wear. 

By the way, it's probably easier to just forgive your nemesis and find common ground, but that didn't sound as awesome. 

In conclusion...

Do you have to look perfect every... single... day? No. Definitely not. That's why I have more than one pair of track pants. ;)

The crowd is ready, see you on the streets.

-Frontman Style

Photo cred: the talented Rob Nelson (www.robnelson.ca)
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