Risking It For The Fans

Some fashion bloggers only post about the exotic cities they visit. It's not relatable to most people. Me? I like a bit of both. I like to explore the places people would overlook and find inspiration in those cities. 

Apart from one really sketchy encounter that could've ended with us getting in a good ol' fashioned (pun intended) shakedown, Detroit was amazing. You can read about the shakedown below.


The graffiti, run-down houses and overgrown trees made "the D" the perfect city for a streetstyle shoot.  

So let's talk style. It was hot. The only option was a tank. I threw on my favourite tank. My "BIRDS & DRINKS" tank by Scotch & Soda. I like it because it's simple, yet interesting enough to make a statement. The ripped jeans are my favourite pairs of jeans and perfect for wearing rolled up. Ripped jeans can give you instant street-cred if styled correctly.

Ripped Jeans

If you're looking for a new pair of ripped jeans, or ripping an old pair of jeans, keep 2 things in mind. 

1. Ripped jeans shouldn't show everything. If you have more skin showing than jean material, you've cut too much. Immediately make them into jean shorts. 
2. Just like any other pair of pants, never sacrifice fit for style. The jeans should always fit well.


The Shakedown...

I went to Detroit with two of my good friends Tom and Rob. Tom (the lookout), Rob (the photographer) and I were in a rough part of Detroit driving around the eerie and abandoned Parker plant before we decided to get out of the car to take some pics. 

We first left our Jays hats in the car to blend in. We were out of  the car for about 35 seconds, when a dark, old school Buick with two really big scary dudes yelled (pardon my language) "Hey! Whatchu n*gga's doing here!?".

Part of me wishes we replied "Yo what's up? We're just doing a city shoot for my website." That wouldn't have ended well. About 2 seconds after they rolled over the tracks, we booked it back to our car before they came back. Modelling is tough work. 

These are the only shots (including gun shots) from the Parker plant. These pictures, and the memories will last forever. Detroit, you didn't disappoint. We'll be back.

Rob & Tom

Let me know what you think, or if you're from Detroit!

Photo cred: the talented Rob Nelson (www.robnelson.ca)

-Frontman Style


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