Better Together

The second half of the Detroit shoot was just as exciting as the first half. Although, this time Tom, Rob and I weren't threatened to get beat down by some local gangsters... which was a nice change. 

Let's jump into it. This is by far one of my favourite shirts. The banded collar, (or mandarin collar shirt) is designed for the "minimalist" look. Now it might seem like i'm going against what the designers hoped for. Adding the white tank (or singlet) with horizontal stripes to the minimalist shirt!? But I like to break rules. I'm hardcore like that. 


"First learn the rules, then break them"

Let me explain...

Layering is all about versatility. It's being able to easily switch up your look. It adds dimension to your outfit. And it also keeps you prepared. Detroit was hot that day. Stepping into a sauna would've been colder. We were planning to stay out until the sun set, so it was a perfect day to add a light layer when it cooled down in the evening. 


Keep it simple, keep it smart

The white tank with its simple horizontal pattern was just enough to add dimension and keep it interesting. Keep it simple. 

I could've worn either the tank or the mandarin shirt on their own. But sometimes things are just better together. 

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Photo cred: the talented Rob Nelson (

-Frontman Style

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