Finding A Suit That Fits Perfectly

Let's talk suiting! You might wear a suit regularly or just for special occasions. You might be are looking for a new suit, or maybe you're wearing a suit right now! Whatever brought you here to read this post, you're in the right spot. Unlike the times you've accidentally walked into the women's washroom, we've all been there. I think I'm at 4 times.   

Putting on a suit can be as empowering as putting on a superhero’s cape.

Let me make sense of what you should consider when getting the perfect suit. The most important thing is fit. Say it with me "fff-iii-ttt". That was weird. Ok, let's jump into it. 

1. Start with the shoulders. When you put on the blazer you should notice a few things. You should notice that when you stand up straight, the shoulders of the suit end parallel to your arm. You'll notice that you still have movement with your shoulders and you should be able to lift your arms forward to shoulder length without the suit jumping (which means it's too small), or drooping (which means it's too big). Also, you should be able to cross your arms comfortably without any of the stitches on the middle of your back coming loose


2. Next, work your way to the button. I recommend a 2 button suit. 3 button blazers tend to look outdated, and 1 button blazers are only worn to fun events and parties. Think of a velvet blazer - that should be 1 button. 

Once you've buttoned up your blazer, make sure you can still fit at least 2 fingers between the button and your body snuggly. Once you get to about 4 fingers, the suit is too big around the waist. 3 fingers may be acceptable. When you button up the blazer, look for pulling or folds. The blazer shouldn't have any odd bulges or folds. 


3. Take a look at where the sleeves end. The point where your thumb bone and index finger bone meet  is where your sleeves should end when your hands are at your sides. Any shorter and it'll make your blazer look too small, and any longer and you won't get the right amount of dress shirt peaking in. It can also look sloppy if it starts to get too long. 

The second thing you will notice is the length of the bottom of your blazer should cover your bum. Now, this is really controversial because a lot of people don't agree with this. If you don't agree, make sure that it covers the majority of your bum. Please. 

Lastly, put on the pants and see where the hem of your pants ends. Ideally they should end right above your laces so you can show a little sock or ankle when you walk. For an even more fashionable look, try ending getting them hemmed right in the middle of your ankle bone. 


Congratulations! You're now armed with some of the fundamentals of finding the perfect suit. We'll definitely come back to this topic. Let me know if you have any questions and enjoy the photos below.

All the best! And come back soon for my next post.

-Frontman Style

Suit: J Crew Ludlow Suit
Dress Shirt: Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Milano
Pin: The Perfect Gentleman
Shoes: Hugo Boss Double Monk Strap

Photos: the talented Rob Nelson (



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