Layers by the Lake

It was early. Like really early. The sun was still waking up and Rob (photographer) and I were already at our second location and I was on my third outfit. But apart from an early riser walking his dog, the beach was ours. 

It was supposed to be a warm Saturday, but when the sun hasn't done what it was supposed to do, we were doing what we could to stay warm. 


Bring in the perfect outfit. Layers. A white long Vitaly t-shirt was the base of the outfit that would peak out underneath the grey Frank and Oak sweater. The sweater itself is not anything eye-catching, but when layering, not every layer is supposed to be vibrant. With a handkerchief tied to my wrist, i was able to roll up my sleeves and add that element of "cool" that i'm forever looking for.


Lastly, the dark blue Topman coat ties it all together. The length makes look like a neat fit versus a bomber which could make the look unbalanced with a long tee as the bottom layer. 

The sun was over the water and we could feel the warmth. Time to remove a layer, but which one? Any of them, and you'd still look complete.


Let me know what you think or drop me a note!



Frontman Style

Jeans: Topman, click here
Long Tee: Vitaly, Design click here
Bandana: Club Monaco, unavailable (similar here)

Photos: the talented Rob Nelson (

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