7 Most Pictured Brands on Instagram and Twitter!

Curious to know which brands get posted the most on Instagram and Twitter by users like you?

Before looking at the list, take a guess, which logos do you think appear the most on Instagram/Twitter? You may be able to guess a few of them, but some of them are really surprising. Here's a clue, it's made up of four athletic brands, two luxury brands, and one street brand.

Brandwatch recently did a study analyzing 100 million images to determine which brands appeared the most.

Here's a list of just the top clothing brands:

  1. Nike - 788,490 unique images per month
  2. Adidas - 772,520 unique images per month
  3. Puma - 199,830 unique images per month
  4. Chanel - 161,200 unique images per month
  5. Louis Vuitton - 136,130 unique images per month
  6. Under Armour - 110,800 unique images per month
  7. Vans - 39,660 unique images per month

What can we learn from this list? All of these brands are major players, have strong placement of their logo on all their attire, and are coveted.

Vans is the most surprising, but their old skool shoes have really made a come back. 

Did any of the brands surprise you? Comment below!


Gerald GakwandiComment