Disappearing Raccoon

Love it or hate it. Graffiti art can be impressive. Put a can of spray paint in my hand, and you're in for some horrible art. But that's not my thing. Maybe that's your thing? But for me? I love clothes, style, fashion trends, and people (more of that later). Each post comes with a quick story, and each story comes with a look or two that I love. So, you ready? Let's jump in. Scroll down to see more...

When we first came across this raccoon, my good friend and photographer Rob both quickly agreed we need a photo with it. Then we quickly disagreed whether it was a raccoon or a cat. He was right. Let's start with the jeans. Man I love these red J Brand jeans. They often get so many comments and so much attention i'm thinking of starting an Instagram account just for them. But that's just ridiculous, right? I'll sleep on it.

Why red jeans and not blue or black? Contrary to what you see here, I typically go for classic pieces, but adding colour adds dimension to your wardrobe and can separate you from the sea of people wearing the same thing on the street. If you're going to go for a pair of coloured pants, you have to do 2 things. Firstly, wear them as if they give you super powers. I'm talking about confidence. And secondly, please take care of them. Because coloured pants that have dulled can actually take away from the appeal.  

Now let's talk about details!

Roll up everything. Roll up your pant legs. Roll up those sleeves! Then go buy a box of fruit roll-ups. You don't need to be huge and buff to roll up your sleeves, you just have to be confident and have fun with it. Just like tucking in half of your shirt. This could come across as sloppy in some settings, but in the right setting portrays an "effortless" look. (Comment below if you agree or disagree).

If you follow any of the big streetstyle accounts, this is a big thing right now. 

Back to the raccoon... Two days after this fun shoot, I found out that the wall had been repainted! I wonder if we're the only ones who have a photo with this guy.

R.I.P. Rac (that's his name now). Thank's for contributing to my first post.

But life goes on. Rac is gone now. But some things aren't meant to live forever.

Comment. Share. Let me know what you think!

- Frontman Style

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Photo cred: the talented Rob Nelson (www.robnelson.ca)