The Perfect Fit for Your Topcoat

"It doesn't feel right. I don't like how I look in it."

It was my first thought when I first tried on this Banana Republic topcoat from my darling fiancee (at the time). I liked the look, but I didn't like it on me. The problem... it was a size too big. 

Once I exchanged it for the correct size, I instantly fell in love. 

Start with the shoulders
If the shoulders are square and fit as they should, then you're half way to having the correct fit! The shoulders should align with your arms when your hands are to your side. I like it lightly snug to allow for a sweater or suit jacket.

Let's get handsy with the arm length
Just like a suit jacket, the length is one of the most overlooked measurements. To get the correct arm length, follow your thumb and index bone to where they meet on your wrist and then add about 1/2-1 inch. 

The waist
Lastly, button up the topcoat to see if there's any awkward pulling through the back. Also, check to see if there's too much room between your body and the buttons. 

Final mention
When you go to purchase your next topcoat, it's a great idea to bring a suit jacket, or sweater you may combine it with often. This way as you can check the fit. It's often easy to go too small. 

Stay fresh, stay warm friends!

Frontman Style
Photos by: Rob Nelson