Urban Jungle


This shoot turned out even better than we had planned. It starts at one of my favourite locations, that happens to be home. 

Welcome to one of my favourite places. Welcome to the 6ix.



Mixing patterns, textures, and colours is something I love doing. This mushroom shirt can stand on its own. The dotted pocket square can be a highlight piece. But put them together, and you have something special! 

However, one thing I always try to keep in mind is that not everything I'm wearing should have a pattern. The solid suit anchors the mix of patterns. It keeps things balanced so you can let those patterns do what they do best. 

Maybe I take the CN Tower for granted because I see it every day. But whenever I come across a tourist taking a selfie with it, or when it's lit up at night, I tend to look up and think, "wow that thing is impressive!"



There's a calmness on this rooftop. 24 stories away from the hustle of the city. But it's close enough that you can still feel the electricity of it all. 

There's nothing boring or plain about the buildings. Let that be a little inspiration for you when you mix and match, and match and mix your look.

If you're from Toronto, or a fan of the city, write a comment below or send me a note by clicking here! 


-Frontman Style


J Crew Ludlow suit: shop here 
Club Monaco Slim-fit Mushroom Shirt: no longer sold online :(
Pocket Square: Mine was from Thailand, but here's a very similar one 

Photo cred: the talented Rob Nelson (www.robnelson.ca)

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